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Mobile devices have brought a huge change in your digital lifestyle, the usage of mobile phone generated in one manner and have adopted in to a more advanced one within a decade, before mobile phones were used to make only phone calls, then people started using the SMS feature which allows them to send text updates through the cellular network.

After a little investigation online and following some of the best players and reading their online discussions and following various online posts I have come up with some of the best tricks that you can make use of to play Pokemon Go like never before.

Shareit For PC is became more convenient when people were allowed to transfer their files with others wireless, the first technology used in this filed was Bluetooth.Later the wife or the wireless frequency transfer took over, because the speed of wifi was 700 times more than the classic Bluetooth 3, now we have Bluetooth 5 which is very much slower than the powerful wireless adapters.

Shareit For PC


Using this technology many applications were designed to transfer data to other, it can be done without any applications, but you need to do a lot of technical thing, which most of the people does; t know or not interested, so there were several applications designed using this tech which were a great success in that field.

Share it is one of the application, which uses wifi to transfer files to other devices, which is used by millions of people daily to transfer movies, documents, songs, pics, and also File sharing using SHAREit App on Windows PC. Share it is beautifully designed with a great user interface with the wifi hotspot base file transfer and it works really cool.

So, let’s have a look at some of the hidden tricks and secret ways to increase your gaming prowess.


Features of Share it:

  1. It is completely free for everyone from the time of release and it is said to be free for life time, but you will have ads in between the application, you can subscribe to share it premium to remove the ads from the application.
  2. The latest version of share it which is supported in high end phones has an option to send files to multiple devices at the same time. This is really a cool feature it is welcomed by most of the users and everyone is loving it.
  3. The recent updates included a feature to chat with the receiver and also tap to vibrate features which is a kind of fun for the users, because they may get bored while the file transfer is in progress.


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