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Many video applications are available online. Different apps give different features. Despite using many video apps, the Viva Video Apk application is more trending nowadays. The apps help in making and editing various videos. The users can make some beautiful video clips. The apps just not only gives the best editing features but also helps in providing the video capturing camera so that the user can have a full video experience. The apps are free in the app store where it can be easily downloaded. Install vivavideo app and by taking the help of the editing tools the users can make their video and can happily share it on the social media. The video puts more impact as compared to the photos.

Some Useful Features Of The Vivavideo Apk:

• Recording The Video
This video app helps the user to go through its essential feature. The user can easily shoot and record the video on their phone which can be later edited easily. The app focuses on its main feature which is the built-in app camera and can be helpful for the users to shoot the video at a regular point without any interference. It gives many special effects which can be used on while shooting the video. If the users already have some video on their phone, they can simply use the unique feature which is the “slideshow” to make their video more attractive and appealing.

• Editing Effects
The app comprises of many useful effects which can be used for any sort of video making. The two modes which can be switched easily are the Quick mode and the Pro mode and can be used for the smooth editing of the videos. Based upon the operation the users can select the preferences. To make the video which will look like a movie rather than a normal video clip, the user can choose filters, titles, transitions effects and they can give their respective music tracks which suits the best for their video.


SHAREit Download (2020 Latest Version) for PC Windows 10

Mobile devices have brought a huge change in your digital lifestyle, the usage of mobile phone generated in one manner and have adopted in to a more advanced one within a decade, before mobile phones were used to make only phone calls, then people started using the SMS feature which allows them to send text updates through the cellular network.

Slowly from there mobile phones became so advanced that now you can replace your whole computer system with an advanced high end smart phone, this is really, cool, recently launched apple phones A11 bionic chip is more powerful that your i5 processor. Nowadays you can store all the files like images, videos, photos in your smart phone itself.

Shareit For PC is became more convenient when people were allowed to transfer their files with others wireless, the first technology used in this filed was Bluetooth. Later the wife or the wireless frequency transfer took over, because the speed of wifi was 700 times more than the classic Bluetooth 3, now we have Bluetooth 5 which is very much slower than the powerful wireless adapters.

Shareit for PC

Using this technology many applications were designed to transfer data to other, it can be done without any applications, but you need to do a lot of technical thing, which most of the people does; t know or not interested, so there were several applications designed using this tech which were a great success in that field.

Share it is one of the application, which uses wifi to transfer files to other devices, which is used by millions of people daily to transfer movies, documents, songs, pics, and also File sharing using SHAREit App on Windows PC. Share it is beautifully designed with a great user interface with the wifi hotspot base file transfer and it works really cool.

So, let’s have a look at some of the hidden tricks and secret ways to increase your gaming prowess.


Features of Share it:

  1. It is completely free for everyone from the time of release and it is said to be free for life time, but you will have ads in between the application, you can subscribe to share it premium to remove the ads from the application.


Pokemon Go Hidden Tricks

Wondering why many of the Pokemon Go players are making on the top and you are left out? Well, the only thing that you are missing is that you are not making use of the smart tricks that can help you boost up your gameplay.

After a little investigation online and following some of the best players and reading their online discussions and following various online posts I have come up with some of the best tricks that you can make use of to play Pokemon Go like never before.

NOTE: Latest Pokemon Go Promo Codes (2021) Working List.

So, let’s have a look at some of the hidden tricks and secret ways to increase your gaming prowess.


Useful Pokemon Go Hidden Tricks:

There are thousands of Hidden Tricks and secrets, and this gets really interesting. I have put forward a few of the useful tricks that can save time and help you make smart decisions while playing this game.

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How to Downoad UC Browser For PC Windows?

While talking about a seamless browsing experience, you can find host of browsers to pick from. But there is something which makes try your hands on a tool which ultimate in so many ways. Is UC Browser better than Google Chrome which always enahnces your web browsing and data fetching online. These days, you re not going to miss out on anything when it comes to getting the required information online. Out of some main browsers, you can look for UC Browser for PC windows .

This guide shall talk about the PC version of UC browser and what makes it really special. Check out the sections below for more information.

What is UC browser?

This one of the most famous broswer which is developed by Chinese Internet Company called UC web. This company is owned by Alibaba group of companies. The usage of this browser is far and wide and you can look forward for more features which ensure you get the best benefits. This is a safe browser which doesn’t pose any kind of security challenges to you.

uc browser for pc

You can change the language of the browser based upon your convenience which makes it a lot more likeable. Many other apps are also launched by the creators of this browser which lets you read the news also.

How to get UC browser on PC?

You can get this web browser on your PC by going through the series of steps which are as follows:
  1. First of all, get the Android Emulator Bluestacks for Windows 10 on your web browser
  2. Click on the APK file
  3. Run the file set up on your PC
  4. After downloading this app, you can click on the install button
  5. After the above procedure is completed, go to your desktop and click on the Bluestacks icon
  6. Search for UC browser, type its name on the search bar
  7. Click on the download and install button to carry out the relevant procedures

The above procedure makes you understand the how the UC browser works. This is a seamless method to know about the browser which ensures you get the required information.




The effect of technology especially on businesses cannot be over emphasized.  Looking back many years ago, what businesses are now is a far cry from what it used to be then. with countless technological advancements have been immense growth In the world of business and as a way to meet the needs of all the diversity that comes with businesses overtime, various online soft wares have been invented to make businesses more efficient in their services. Especially in terms of calculations, different online software for businesses have indeed been invented to draw a clear cut line between today’s business and business of yesteryears.

For those who are familiar with how businesses were run many years ago, you can attest to the fact that what we had then was office assistants who were in the business of running errands and passing information from one desk or office to another. This was definitely not effective and neither did it disseminate accurately the message to be disseminated. It was always almost time consuming with less efficient results. But thanks to technological advancements, this laborious and ineffective process has been replaced by software with the ability to carry out same functions and more. These software end up yielding more efficient and quicker results.

Another act affiliated to businesses of yester years is the act of stacking a pile of papers on the desk.  In those days, it was quite common place to find a huge stack of papers piled on desks. But what we have now is a software substitute that has helped businesses boycott this tedious and untidy process of storing information and documents. Now what we have is software that stores and also facilitates transfer of files and information from one place to another and at a much faster rate.

What It Was Before With Old Computer Systems.


Out of curiosity, it would not be outrageous to sometimes wonder what it would have been like, running a business without a software like Excel or using old computer systems which were mostly about bulk and obviously with the super smart nature of today’s computers. So what then did you think that era was like? Imagine dealing with the difficulty of message dissemination internally or externally or the stress of documentation? Oh well if you have gone through this thought process(s), then I guess it is okay to tell you that just as you must have thought, it was not a fun ride then as a business owner, technology of those days definitely didn’t make the whole business owning experience a great one as a lot of needs were not met.

Just as you would be quick to note, a lot of processes took an unbelievable amount of time to get accomplished and this was because then, business owners solely relied on leg work and face to face delivery after typing that is. We also had the type writer users which was even twice the stress as business owners had to also add the strenuous bit of using a type writer to the list of setbacks they had to deal with. To make it worse calculators then cannot be compared to what we have now. So can you imagine what it was like having to deal with figures and sales receipts without advent of spreadsheet? Thus most business operated using hand written sales receipts and calculators who couldn’t do more that basic sums.

What we had years ago was a system that made owning businesses a herculean tasks as all the excel and spread sheet work was done by hand and on paper as well as accounting records all kept in ledger books. Now were you going to ask why it seemed common place to find heaps and piles of paper files loitering lockers and cabinets in those days?




Wave Accounting: This is one tool that helps with managing your payroll and receipts at no added cost what so ever.


Expensify: What this does is to take care of your business expenses and invoices giving you enough time to attend to other things.


Customer Service:


ZenDisk: This is the tool that does streamline all things customer service. From support group to speed at which responses are sent to customers.


GetSatisfaction: This is the tool to use for interacting with customers, getting feedbacks from them and also for giving technical support to them.


Leasds360: This is to serve as a tracker for your performance so as to help you facilitate improvement in sales where necessary.

Bidsketch: Businesses thrive on proposals and this helps to get that done in minutes with the added advantage of an approve signature when the client approves.

Hubspot: This is one jack of all trades tool as it aids SEOs, provides blogging tips, helps with automation in marketing and loads more.

MailChimp: With this tool, emails are made easy as it has an array of newsletter designs to pick from whilst providing the option of designing yours.


Some Great Benefits Of Online Software On Businesse

It helps businesses with providing better customer service.

It makes work a whole lot faster and more efficient.

It aids communication process which in turn improves productivity.

It facilitates full synchronization of internal systems.

It provides easy mode of storage for documents



Customer Service:

Some Online Tools To Help Various Aspects Of Your Business Today:

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